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Remembering Gizzmo November 29, 2021

Remembering Gizzmo

Words cannot express what a wonderful companion Gizzmo was. She came into my life when I needed her the most. She brought a smile to my face everyday for over 16 years. And She continues to bring joy to my life from the wonderful memories we made. I love you my little one! ❤️

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Remembering Remi Grace October 29, 2021

Remembering Remi Grace

Remi was only here a short 6 years but she was my bestfriend. She was my adventure buddy, loved car rides and her brother Gucci. She had a whole section in my closet for her bandanas. She loved to use pillows and sometimes I don't think she realized she was a dog, not a human.

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Remembering Maverick April 27, 2021

Remembering Maverick

You were a wild one even as a tiny kitten. Sneaking you into college housing and moving to an apartment to avoid having to rehome you. I always giggle thinking about how much you loved playing fetch and catching toy mice. You grew into a handsome, regal cat but you never lost that funny wild side. You were the first pet I had as an […]

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Remembering Gibi April 27, 2021

Remembering Gibi

Gibi, my little buddy. Gibi joined our family when I was six years old. He was my best friend growing up. You were a little dog that made a big impact on my life and I still miss you after all these years. <3

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Valley Fever in Pets June 5, 2020

Valley Fever in Pets

What is Valley Fever? Valley Fever is caused by a fungus that lives in the desert soil in the southwestern United States. The scientific name for Valley fever is “coccidioidomycosis,” but it’s also sometimes called “San Joaquin Valley fever” or “desert rheumatism.” As part of its life cycle, the fungus grows in the soil and dries turning into strands of cells that are inhaled. Once […]

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Understanding Seizures in Our Pets November 3, 2019

Understanding Seizures in Our Pets

What are pet seizures? A seizure is an episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, that can cause twitching, shaking, and collapse. The “pre-ictal” stage of a seizure is the time shortly before a seizure occurs, and is usually when your pet may seem restless or nervous. You may also notice your pet start to drool or cry. The “ictal” stage is when your […]

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