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Pain can be a huge issue in pets, potentially causing delayed healing and contributing to a multitude of secondary issues for your pet. Imagine a scenario where you just had a surgery, dental procedure or even a sprained ankle and the pain you felt. Unlike your animal, you have ways of telling others you are hurting. Your pet must rely on our doctors and technicians to be able to not only identify, but assess the level of pain and recommend the proper treatment/therapy. The choice and combinations of appropriate drugs, dosages and alternative therapies is critical to getting your pet back on the path to feeling better as soon as possible.

Pet Pain Management

We want your pets to live pain free, so as part of your pet’s consultation we will asses them for pain. If any pain is present we will present a individualized pain management plan as determined by our healthcare team. We also include post operative pain management on a as needed basis for routine and major surgery. We sometimes also utilize pain management techniques to aid us in the diagnosis of issues that may be hard to notice when your pet is excited and brimming with adrenaline when they visit us but become uncomfortable when returning home. Client feedback on pain management is critical to ensuring the successful outcome.

Signs and Symptoms of your Pet’s Pain

Dogs have many ways of showing us they are in pain. They may have a limp or struggle to stand after laying down. They may pace around your home as it is too difficult for them to lay down. Some dog’s legs will shake when they stand for extended periods of time. Painful dogs may not want to be pet, or begin to growl, snap or bite. Other common signs that your dog is in pain is excessive panting, drooling, bloated abdomen or lack of appetite.

Your cat may be in pain if they hide more then usual, have trouble jumping on furniture, stop grooming themselves, or have a lack of interest in people or pets. They may also become aggressive or restless, meow non stop, or sit with their back hunched under them.

Alternative Pain Management

​There are numerous other methods of addressing pain, from rest, hot/cold therapy, massage, acupuncture and physical therapy.

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